Ugreen Universal Bicycle Phone Holder For Bike Motorcycle Handlebar Black (LP494)

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Do you often ride a bicycle or are you a motorcyclist? The gadget that Ugreen presents is just for you. A stable and solid handlebar mounted on the steering wheel is a solution that will allow you to use, among others, navigation while traveling. In addition, you do not have to worry about driving very quickly on uneven terrain – the gadget is so stable that it will effectively keep your phone in one position.


Brand: Ugreen

Type: Bike / motorcycle mount

Diameter of the handlebar to which it can be attached: 15-44mm

Compatibility with phones: 4.7 – 6.8 inches

Set contains:

1 x Bike / motorcycle mount

The most important features:

Button to release the clamping lock

Silicone handlebar covers

Non-slip phone mount

Durable materials

Can be rotated in 360 °

A wide range of adjustments

The gadget from Ugreen will provide you with high stability of the phone attached to it. A big advantage is the ability to adjust the holder to the phone – all thanks to the universal arm that can be adapted to screens from 4.7 to 6.8 inches. Do not worry about damaging the phone – the corners and the back are protected against scratching. A great convenience is also the ability to freely set the phone, all thanks to the 360 ° rotation.

Robust construction

The holder allows you to easily attach it to the handlebar of a bicycle or motorcycle. The ring is firmly tightened, and its inner part uses a material that prevents it from moving, sliding or sliding on the frame. This gives you the ability to ride freely, without worrying that the handle will twist and your phone will fall off.

A number of security features

Attaching the phone holder is the first step. After screwing the ring to the handlebar, all you have to do is slide the phone with the mounting lug in it. After you hear a click, you can be sure that the mechanism has been blocked automatically, which will keep your phone secure. If you want to pull it out, just press the button and release the lock.

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