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Baseus Car Charger Splitter 2x USB 3.1A 17W + 2x Cigarette Lighter Socket 80W Black

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Baseus Car Charger Splitter 2x USB 3.1A 17W + 2x Cigarette Lighter Socket 80W Black (CRDYQ-01)

Baseus car charger splitter 2x USB 3.1A (17W) + 2x cigarette lighter socket (80W)

The factory equipment of your car does not always meet the requirements of aesthetics, quality or safety. Pay attention to the lighter and see what you can replace it with. The Baseus brand offers a designer car charger with two additional lighter inputs made entirely of metal. This classic material gives the element a luxurious look and above-average durability. Thanks to its compact size, it takes up a minimum amount of space inside the vehicle – passenger car, delivery van, SUV. The double input offers many possibilities, e.g. for connecting a car camera.


  • Included: Two elements in sizes 64×50.4mm (charger) and 26.8×57.75mm (lighter)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy and plastic
  • Cable length: 60cm
  • Maximum power of the cigarette lighter connectors: 80W – 12-24V
  • Maximum power of USB ports: 17W
  • Connector type: 2x USB
  • USB charging current: 5V / 3.1A max

Automatic voltage division

Regardless of which port we connect the phone to, its energy will be renewed at the maximum possible speed. When charging 2 devices, the voltage will be appropriately divided and matched to specific devices.

Safe charging

In addition, the accessory adjusts the voltage to the charge level of the device. Energy renewal starts from a slower level, then accelerates to the maximum permitted speed, then after exceeding 80%, it slows down again and calmly ends the charging process. In this way, taking care of the condition and safety of the battery.

Up to 2 devices simultaneously

2 ports allow you to charge up to 2 devices at the same time.

Durability and durability

The charger housing is made of high quality aluminum alloy. High resistance + elegant appearance.

LED backlight

Built-in LED makes it easy to locate and use the accessory at night.

4-in-1 lighter with multiple charging ports

A car on which you travel for business or with your family needs much more than just one charging point. The Baseus lighter can have up to four (2x USB + 2x cigarette lighter connectors)! Charge your smartphone, connect your car camera or other electronic devices at the same time (maximum 80W). Thanks to the solid suction cups, the gadget can be placed anywhere inside the car.


Charging even several devices at the same time carries no risk. Each input works separately and has overload protection. They are equipped with a small chip that cuts off the power in the event of an emergency, protecting the lighter from damage.

Overall, the device has several safeguards against:

  • overload
  • overvoltage
  • overheating
  • excessive current consumption
  • short circuit

Due to the presence of a spring clip, the lighter stays firmly in place and works reliably even when driving over bumps.

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