Joyroom Headset Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Earphone For Car Charger Black (JR-B02S)

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Joyroom Headset Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Earphone for Car Charger Black (JR-B02S)

Phone calls while driving should be safe and legal. Therefore, the Bluetooth wireless earpiece, which is part of the hands-free set, is ideal for this purpose. Excellent sound quality, a sensitive microphone and a large battery will allow you to talk safely and comfortably while driving. Joyroom JR-B02S is extremely versatile – it ensures compatibility with any phone that supports Bluetooth connection.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: single cordless handset
  • You connection: Bluetooth 5.1
  • Standby time: about 120 hours
  • Usage time: 12 hours
  • Power: 2 mW
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Weight: 20 g
  • Mic sensitivity: -42 ± 3db
  • Battery capacity: 70mAh
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Set contains:

  • 1 x Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x User Manual in English and Chinese

The most important features:

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones
  • Light and comfortable
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Composite diaphragm for premium sound quality
  • Stable transmission thanks to Bluetooth 5.1
  • The ability to pair the headphones with two phones at once

Safe phone calls while driving

Thanks to the wireless handset connected to the phone via Bluetooth, you can talk safely and comfortably, without distractions and worries about breaking the law. A stable connection and a sensitive microphone ensure excellent sound quality without interference. The handset is compatible with all phones, you just need to pair it with your device.

Light and comfortable structure

Wearing the earphone in the ear for a long time may be uncomfortable, but not with the Joyroom JR-B02S. The use of skin-friendly ABS plastic makes the use of this device comfortable for the ear. Low weight and contoured shape allow you to use the handset for many hours without fear of discomfort. The materials used for production are also environmentally friendly.

Connect two phones at the same time

The Joyroom handset has a special feature for people who need to have two phones with them, which they use alternately. Well, you can pair it with two phones at once. The handset will switch between them automatically.

Long working time

The handset is equipped with a capacious battery, so you can enjoy the long standby time and operation of the device. Are you planning a long trip? With the Joyroom JR-B02S, you can talk for up to 12 hours without recharging.

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