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H15 Mobile Phone Radiator Semiconductor Rapid Cooling Portable Peripheral Cooling (Silver)

12,00 inc.VAT

1. Small and compact, easy to carry
2. The battery model adopts polymer battery, high endurance; the plug-in model is easy to use, plug and play
3. The wind is stable and does not shake, and the operation is low noise
4. The metal body is more durable
5. Suitable for 4-6.7 inch mobile phones

1. Material: PC
2. Power supply mode: USB power supply / battery power supply
3. Input voltage: DC 5V
4. Input current: 1A-2A
5. Built-in battery (battery model): 300mAh lithium battery
6. Can be used continuously (battery model): 2.8-3 hours
7. Speed: 5000 rpm
8. Interface type: USB
9. Vibration mode: no vibration
10. Size: 7.6×4.5×1.6 cm
11. Weight: plug-in model: 109g, battery model: 116g